I Feel She Is Keeping Me As A Secret.


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My girlfriend and I have been dating for 1 year and 2 months now. She practically knows I love her and she loves me too although she doesn’t know how to express it properly but that’s quiet manageable.

We begun dating while I was in my final year on campus and she was in her first year. I am now doing my national service in a different district but same region. I have gone to see her twice on campus but she feels reluctant to come to see me and keeps giving excuses anytime I raise the issue of visit. Even to come and see where I stay, it’s an issue.

My heaviest worry is that, none of her family members know that we are dating Not even her sister. I have this feeling that she has her primitive mind of walking away at some point in time.

Now, she has agreed to come and see where I stay by the close of this month. I told her to tell her mom or any of her family members where she is coming to before she makes the journey.

She is asking me what difference will it make??What should I do please?

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