I Feel Shattered. (Part 1)


Good day please hide my identity. I am well known and I’ll plead with you to keep me safe. To my ladies, I don’t know if one of you here found yourself in my situation now or you have been in that situation before. I need an encouragement from you .

Being 26 years and trying two to three relationships which did not work out because you are unemployed. I have what it takes that every man will chose me to be his wife but in my situation I don’t have a permanent job that pays. I don’t know if it is a crime for one to choose his or her profession. I can see my profession is a curse because wherever I found myself I end up being seduced by my bosses. It has not been easy for me.

I’ve worked with these people for years but was not being paid because I have the enthusiasm for the work and the love of the work so nothing stops me from going to work. Which being supported by my mum but I I’m fed up now. For good two years without anything from that job I have to stay home. My rent is due because is in 2 years advance..

Now, I met this guy. He was married and had divorced before I met him but I met him a month after his divorce. Reason is that the wife lives in UK which he found out that she has a husband in UK and she agreed to married him. He never thought the lady could hurt him that way. The day I met this guy and the picture he sent to me I got to know I have known two different people. He has slimmed down and he looks so stressed that if I talk to him for a minute he forgets himself; even when he is eating.

Spending money after marriage and seeking for divorce afterwards… hmm you know divorce forms nowadays is costly. This is because it’s now rampant for people to go for divorce anyhow which a form is 2000 Ghana cedis come to think of it. The Rans and charges of lawyers and things….. He said when he was filing for divorce he was also preparing to travel outside because he can’t stand the disgrace and he wanted to keep it secret from friends.

He didn’t want them knowing what is happening. He wanted friends to think he and the wife have traveled. Definitely, they are together to seize everything. So that was his idea and unfortunate connection man took his money away. This man is down now starting life. His parents are no more and also looking after his younger siblings with his granny ….

The day I visited him was the day he had a protocol of a well known company in Ghana. The one in charge demanded for 2000 Ghana cedis so he can start work next month which is this month April….
Hmmm he called me and asked for help.
He knows my situation that I need to relocate because my landlord wanted to do renovation in his house, the money I had is that 2000gh….

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