I Feel Lonely In My Marriage.


Good evening Ante Abena. Please hide my identity.

I am married with two kids but I’m not happy at all. The problem is my husband is too boring in bed, communication and in everything.

I have been with this man for 8 years now but I don’t know what is called orgasm. After he feels it’s ok then he sleeps, I have to watch p*** for me to be ok. This man doesn’t care about me and my feelings. All he cares about is money.

When we were dating, if I asked him out he will go. But since we got married he always turns me down when I ask him out. He’s always busy with work and friends but doesn’t care about me. I am so lonely. I am married but my husband doesn’t sleep on the bed, he is always in the chair.

Last time, I called him at dawn and talk to him. I have talked to him severally but he’s not ready to change. I am not happy because I want to be around him always but all efforts has gone down the drain.

I don’t know what to do. I am losing the interest in this marriage. I wish I never knew him. I just need a friend. I just need a partner, I just need a companion, I just need somebody I can talk to but this man is always on his phone and doesn’t care about me.

He can stay for 2 months without having sex with me but that one doesn’t bother me because after all I will not gain anything in this sex. He is the only one enjoying. All I need as a friend thank you. I am planning to get a divorce because I don’t want to cheat so please you and your fans should help me what should I do?

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