I Feel Like Pouring Acid over My Girlfriend


I met this lady two years ago on Facebook. We were working in the same company but different branches. I already knew her but it’s just that we started communicating on Facebook. We started dating but a few months later she started pressuring me to marry her so I told her to be patient.

Eight months later, she got pregnant and the pressure to marry her was so serious that she could come to my house just to fight me. 2 months later, she had a miscarriage. Now our relationship was not all that smooth because she wanted me to marry her and I was delaying in doing so.

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I introduced her to my parents and she did same. She go pregnant again and she told me if that I can’t marry her within two weeks then I should forget about her. I told her that I could go for the marriage list but there’s no way that I was going to marry her in two weeks time

When I told her that, she told me to forget about marrying her if I can’t do it because it would be a shame and disgrace to her for getting pregnant without being married. She was then living elsewhere but she came to rent in my area and moved here.

One day she invited me over to her place. That’s when she dropped the bombshell, that she was seeing another guy (she was then 6 months pregnant). 3 days later she called to tell me she’s bleeding and later told me the pregnancy too spoiled. Eeeeii again! That’s the second time she’d miscarried.

Weeks later, I went to visit her and there was a guy in her room so she told me to leave and I left in peace. Now that I’m thinking over the whole thing, I feel like she intentionally spoiled the pregnancy so she can move on with the other guy. It really pains me that I feel I like going to her house to pour acid on her face. We live in the same neighborhood and when she sees me she wants to make fun of me.

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Written by Abena Magis

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