I Feel Betrayed After Finding Out She Cheated [+Pictures]


Auntie Pls help share for advice, but keep me anonymous…I sensed my girlfriend cheating a while ago and I took time to do some digging just to assure myself it was just an anxiety but it wasn’t. I don’t have anything against her, tho I’m angry at her betrayal but my question is this:

I sometimes feel like I should pay her back someway (and trust me I have good plans for that) but sometimes too, I just want to concentrate on my plans to leave her life. I’m mostly stuck between these two decisions when I think about the whole thing. I’m a young entrepreneur and a student (20) and haven’t started my life yet. I don’t deserve such a treatment.

At least open up and say you’re not interested in me or you just want my help or you just want a sexual relationship? Playing me around annoys me so much. anyways, please what do you think? I’ll read the comments.

P.S. some of the girls don’t say the entire story but focus everything entirely on themselves, these hurts me more especially cause no matter what it just seems like you’re always the one hurting them.

Meanwhile it’s the same person that told me we should break up despite countless attempts to convince her back, and after all I eventually did.
Yet still I help her oh, Madam. Just to see if I’d win her back but after seeing that I am emotionally draining myself and I stopped reaching out completely she’s now making a story out of it and eventually she’ll be heard because she’s a lady and it’s assumed she’ll definitely be the victim. Oh God, I just need some peace of mind that’s all.

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