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I Drove My Husband Out of My Room Because of My Ex


We’ve been married for five years with three boys and I opted for BTL. (Bilateral Tubal Ligation (BTL) is a surgical procedure that involves blocking the fallopian tubes to prevent the ovum (egg) from being fertilized. It can be done by cutting, burning or removing sections of the fallopian tubes or by placing clips on each tube). 

But after the BTL,  he changed and started cheating. He’s had two daughters with another woman, one boy with a different woman and lastly one girl with another woman which I got to know of recently. He’s brought the girls to live with us and their mother visits the children anytime she feels like it. She always makes sure I’m not home before she comes.

My husband and I used to share one bedroom but for close to a year now, he’s moved to another room where he sleeps. I had to join him by force but at times he’ll be like, “you’re not sleeping here again. Tomorrow try and go to your room.”
I got fed up and left him to our suppose bedroom since May this year. Due to the loneliness I felt at night, I started having feelings for my ex boyfriend.All my attention is now on my ex guy now and I don’t feel anything like love for my husband. I lock my door whenever I sleep and I’ll be on the phone with my ex guy.

Now my husband tried to enter my bedroom but I drove him out. All I want to do is be online with my ex guy. Please Abena I need your help on what to do. 

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Written by Abena Magis

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