I Don’t Want To Lose My Boyfriend.


Good morning aunty Abena.
Hope you are doing well

I am confused and hurt. Please hide my identity. I am in relationship for over 1year now. And my problem is that I kept secret from my boyfriend that I had kids.

I told my parents that I told him about 1 so when he came to see my people, I told them not tell him. I told them will personally tell him.. So at the end I told him about both. But he has no problem with me having kids but his mom will.

This is because she has been in this kind of thing with his father. So the mom always warned him not go with someone with kids ….. He said we shouldn’t tell his mom about it so that she and the kid sister won’t change their attitude towards me.

So he said he needs time to think about it. If we should continue the relationship our not. But I don’t want to lose him for anyone. I am afraid of losing him. And it’s so painful that we the single parents needs to go through this. To find love. Because of us having kids. I need your advice paa…

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