I Don’t Want to Like Guys

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Good evening please.
I’m going through a lot and I need advise. I’m 27 old and still a virgin (holy). I have my own business and making my own money. I want to have my soul mate and move on with but the fact is I don’t have a single feeling for women at all. I’m a little bit girlish by nature and all my feelings is on guys.

I don’t want to have any affair with men too but yet the feelings keep on growing stronger and stronger. I feel so depressed all the time and disappointed when I’m with fresh guys. It’s not easy for me koraa. A woman can sit on me in playful way and nothing will happen but whenever a guy that I am interested in even holds or taps my shoulder and I turn to see him, erection takes place.

Sometimes if I stand with a guy for long and I’m interested in him I can even shoot precum in my boxers. I want to be free. I have prayed a lot but I have no one to share my emotional experience with because they are the same people who will sell you out, especially Pastors of today. Physically I have everything I need as I man but I’m very ill emotionally.

I only take in wee just to kill that feelings in me but nothing works. I even go an extra mile to propose love to men but find it hard to do so to women. Please what do I do to be free from being embarrassed all time?

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Written by Abena Magis

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