I Don’t Want to Come Between My BF and His Mum but I’m Pregnant


Good evening. God bless you and your wonderful fans.

Please I have a little problem. I have dated this guy for almost three (3) years now. Both our families have met.

My guy called me this morning complaining that his mom is doing something which he hates so he has left the house. I asked what the mother has done and he said she is pushing a certain lady on him. This is the first time and he has warned the mother several times that she can’t decide for him, he’s old enough to know what he wants and whom to settle down with.

Moreover, the mother is cool with me so he doesn’t understand why she will do that. Aunt Abena, when he told me first, I was shocked so the only thing I told him was, “she is your mom. She wants the best for you, so please listen to her,” and he got angry that he’s not a toddler, no one can decide for him.

Auntie Abena, please I don’t want to come in between them (mother and son) and i don’t know what to do about it too. He keeps saying I am the one he wants, final. I am not hurt at all and I am ready for whatever will come. But please, what should i do?

Note; I’m pregnant but the mom doesn’t know. Please keep me anonymous. Thank you

Written by Abena Magis

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