I Don’t Want Her Because She Doesn’t Know How to Dress


I trust you are doing great. Please help me by sharing this on our platform????. I need advice. Thank You????. I have been with this Lady since Class (3) three. I’m now in the College and she is learning a trade (seamstress).

Growing up, we used to talk a lot on phone but skipped talking about our feelings until after SHS. She has been very supportive in every aspect of my life especially financially, emotionally and morally. I feel like I owe her. She was and is very restricted by her parents. She only gets time to visit me on Sunday afternoons which I hate.

Apart from that, she is poor in communication, dressing, romance et al. I want a girlfriend who is good in all these aspects but she’s not. Above all, I need someone who will be by my side not one unless by phone. I have spoken to her several times about it but she can’t seem to adjust.

I must admit, I don’t have feelings for her as I used to do. But I am her everything. She loves me to the fullest. I have decided to end the relationship but don’t know how to do so without hurting her.

Written by Abena Magis

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  1. You can teach her how to dress and other menace too,now you are in college ,she is low class now mmmm,plz don’t be ungrateful kk,because of your sexual interest you want to end the relationship, simply because she can’t have time with you from time to time! Abeg shine your eyes kk

  2. Masa stop fooling and teach her how to dress ,communicate and how to carry herself in public,because u are in Tertiary and u see neat gals so u naw see her to be she can’t dress kind of gal Mr man wising up and Polish her wai,naaaa guys koraaa y

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