I Don’t Trust My Fiancee


I think my fiancee is cheating on me outside our relationship. We have a child and our wedding is coming on next month ie February. She told me she’s used to making friends with males than her females colleagues.

She receives so many calls during the night and she is always on her phone texting other guys which she said to be her friends. I had the chance to go through her WhatsApp one day and I realized she’s been requesting monies from these so called male friends meanwhile she is a government worker herself. I even suspect that she is having something with the guy that got her the job.

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One of my friends even told me that my wife is cheating on me but I haven’t caught her redhanded. I don’t want to go ahead with this wedding and something will later follow. I’m afraid of this and I need your assistance on what I should do please. I don’t trust my woman.

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Written by Abena Magis

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