I Don’t Meet Muslim Men


I seriously need help as I’m on the verge of commiting suicide as the only option left. I’m a 29 year old single lady and the pressure coming from my family about marriage is unbearable. Almost all my friends I grew up with are married with kids and the idea of having the entire society asking you when you are getting married makes me feel like taking my life.

All the men I meet who want to marry me are Christians whiles I am a Muslim. No Muslim comes to me and this whole thing is killing me inside. The pressure makes me want to run away and start a life far from my people. My father is a typical Hausa man so me being age 29, he thinks I’m expired and nothing good will ever come out of me.

That I won’t get any good man to marry me so he’s pushing me to any of his old friends who come to our house. These men are over 60 years and I feel so bad that I exist. Please post and notify me. I need people to share their experiences of marrying late in life. This could calm me down a bit because I feel like I’m alone????

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Written by Abena Magis

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