I Don’t Love Her Again After the Juju


Please I’m Desmond and would like to share something with you and your fans.

I met one nursing student somewhere last year December. I picked her up in my car so I took her number and started chatting with her. It got to a time that I developed a kind of feeling for the lady but she was dating.

I kept giving her pressure but she wasn’t allowing me. Then I found a new method of casting a spell (juju) on her which worked for me so she dumped her guy for me.

The thing is that I don’t love her, I just wanted to find my way through her and go away. But right now, she believes in me more than everyone thinking I’m the right guy for her. The truth is I’m soo many years older than her and I don’t love her. Please what should I do?

If you don’t mind auntie Abena, I can give you her contact. Please talk to her so that she can go back to her ex boyfriend. I can see that guy is the best thing she can ever get. Please talk to her for me. Thanks

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Written by Abena Magis

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