I Don’t Know if I’m Too Suspicious


Abena, thanks for the opportunity however, I need your advice and that of your fans.

I am Simon, 29 and she’s Selim 22 years. I met this young lady 6 months ago and we related very well and loved each other until 2 months ago when I monitored her dealing with one guy on her WhatsApp status. In fact she kept posting the pictures of the guy continuously for about 2 months that compelled me to ask who she was to the guy but she told me he was her uncle.

But it raised suspicion because she’s an Ewe and the guy is an Ashanti, so I couldn’t find that link. I’m an IT person so I decided to delve into the Facebook account of my girl and see if I can get any trace between them and lo and behold I found the guy because they are friends on Facebook. I delved further into their accounts and guess what, the love conversation I saw in their chat was very intimate and completely serious that outrightly gave them up. I took every info & fact I needed so that when I confront her again with it she wouldn’t be able to deny.

After about 2 weeks of my investigation, I confronted her with facts but she insisted the guy is her uncle but I pushed her with questions like, “how can you uncle be Ashanti? And “Where is your uncle from?” she told me he’s from Bekwai but that was also a lie, the guy is from Kyebi. When I started dropping the facts she began to confess that the guy is her friend kɛkɛ. But I dropped more insights and facts from their conversations and pushed her further till she also confessed again that the guy proposed to her. So she apologized and said she was so sorry for telling me a lie and promised me that it will never happen again so I decided to drop the issue.

Again, since we met about 6 months ago, she has never tagged me in any of her pictures she posts on Facebook and but this guy is always the first person she tags, even before I caught her the first time and even now, after that issue she still tags him with every new picture she takes.

Now what she does is that she quickly deletes their conversation anytime she tags the guy on a picture and the guy comments about it but I have evidences of such act.

On my birthday just last Month, she said she had forgotten it was my birthday. At about 3:00pm that day I confronted her so out of shame she posted my picture on her WhatsApp status but she deleted my picture on her status before 11:pm that same evening, not even 24hours could she leave it. Meanwhile she could post deferent pictures of the guy continuously for over 2 Months.

  1. Abena, am I overreacting?
  2. Are these not enough signs that this girl doesn’t love me and I should walk out on this relationship?

Thank you.

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. She might possibly be playing games with you. Something tells me the other guy is already in her life and she is trying to include you, hence, giving her more space than she ought to give you. 6months is still not enough time to know her better.

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