I Don’t Have a Choice Even Though He’s Married


I would like to share my story with your audience because I need their advice.

He broke my heart but I can’t stop loving him. I met him in my early 20’s and he told me he had a child but had broken up with his baby mama. He lives in Australia with the so called baby mama who is a white woman.

A few years into the relationship, I had the rude shock of my life when I found out he was expecting another baby with the same woman. I cried so much and wanted to break up with him but he wouldn’t let me go. He begged me and assured me that I’m the love of his life and that he only did it for the papers to enable him live and work there in Australia. I forgave him and we moved on.

A few years down the line, I discovered that he was now officially married to her. He broke my heart again. This time, I said I was done for good but we ended up together after a while when he asked “what can I do to prove my love to you?” and I jokingly said, “buy me a house.” To my surprise he bought me a two bedroom house in a very nice area.

The next thing I asked for was to do my masters in the U.S. to which he laughed and said “baby that’s a great idea” he looked for a school and paid the tuition. Now, I’m back in Ghana. He set up a business for me and also bought me a new car. Mind you, he comes to Ghana frequently.

My problem is, I’m in my late 30’s now. He wants to marry me and also start a family here with me in Ghana but my mum says no because he is already married in Australia. I dont know what to do now. I’m confused because at my age, I really don’t have a choice. I really wanna start making babies as soon as possible.

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Written by Abena Magis

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