I Denied My Boyfriend in Front of My Family


Good morning. I trust you’re doing well. I really need your help on this issue because it’s eating me up. I’m 20 years and have dated only once. I am a Christian while my guy is a Moslem. We started 3 years back when I completed shs.

I know I am to blame, yeah but all the guys who approached me then weren’t good looking to me. I’m saying I’m to blame because my family is strongly rooted in the Christian faith and they would chop my head off hearing I’m dating a Moslem. I also kind of wanted to try dating because my friends back in school were always saying stuff about their boyfriends so I wanted to try some and I’ve regretted where it has landed me.

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The thing is I’d wanted to keep myself till marriage but I fell for the guy and it happened. I’m not proud of it but I gave in to him because he wanted it and I loved him too so I thought sex was part of dating. To cut the story short, my family found out about us and confronted me which I denied, I was so scared. The other reasons are the guy smokes and I’ve always talked to him about it. He said he’s changed though I don’t know how true it is though.

I’m sorry for the long post but I haven’t had the chance to speak to anyone and it has really gotten to me. So since I denied him in front of my family, I had to let him know what’s happening. It hasn’t been easy because I know our relationship has ended just like that. I told him today and he cried like a baby, we cried together.

I just cant feel myself now because I am so heartbroken, he’s the first guy I’ve ever had a thing with. Please what is your take on my story? Help me out now because I am losing myself. I’m also in school and have lost focus since my family confronted me. No one ever advised me on sex and dating whilst growing up and I’m so lonely now. Please I need your help asap.

Written by Abena Magis

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