I Chose the Wrong Girl


I have been following your page for some time now and I want your fans to help me out with this issue. I have been dating this girl for almost two years. She really loves me but I don’t feel the same love for her.

Along the line, I met this new girl who was brokenhearted and we started talking. I fell for this new girl and we started dating. I really loved her more than my first girlfriend but I always felt she didn’t love me the way I did. She sometimes told people about how madly I was in love with her but she didn’t love me that much.

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As time went on, the two of them came to clash at my place which led to a confrontation and I was left with no option than to choose one. Initially, I didn’t want to choose but the pressure was so strong that I had to choose my first girlfriend because I knew how much she loves me. The second girl was soo broken hearted and cried her heart out.

The next day, I asked her out and she told me how badly she loved me but due to her issues with her ex, she couldn’t express her love for me which was why I thought she didn’t love me. I felt so sorry and wished I had chosen her. We had sex later in the evening but the next day, she drove me out of her house and told me to cut all forms of contact.

Honestly, I really love this girl. and I feel I made a mistake by choosing the first one that I don’t love but my family does. I don’t know what to do now. I really love this second girl but she’s not even answering my calls anymore.

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Written by Abena Magis

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