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I Checked My Condoms After Sex But She’s Pregnant

Good evening Aunt Abena. I trust you are doing well? Where do I even start? I’m in a bind at the moment and I have come to seek the counsel of this family.

I had sex with a lady about 3 weeks ago, December 17th to be precise. And to clarify I used protection as it was my first time. She even took the after sex pill right in front of me after the session. Fast forward to date, we were having a conversation and she said this; “I am pregnant so I am a government worker,” at least that’s how I heard it because she spoke twi. My twi isn’t very fluent so I asked her what she meant by that and she said she was pregnant.

To be honest I was startled, I didn’t want to sound thrown off so I just calmly said; “well if that’s the case there’s nothing wrong with being pregnant. You’d give birth to a human being so that’s fine.” She didn’t say it explicitly but was hinting that she wanted to abort it. I feel she’s joking about the whole thing but I just don’t want any surprises.

To provide further context she had asked me for money a day prior to us talking in the evening and I had told her that I can’t give her everything but I’d try to see what I can do. I am somewhat confused as to if this is a prank or she is being honest.
I need sound advice on what to do now.

I even have proof of the contraceptives I used: I took photos of the condom after use, filling them with water to make sure that they weren’t raptured and leaking semen. Out of the 3 condoms I used, the last one broke but the thing too is I stopped when it broke and didn’t finish. I am just confused as to whether it is possible I am responsible for this “pregnancy” after taking all these precautions.

We aren’t dating too so I can’t tell if she’s seeing other people. Kindly inform me when you post. I’d be counting on the advice. Thanks.

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Written by Abena Magis

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