I Cheated with My Bestie but I’m Confused


I’m confused between my boyfriend and my bestie. My bestie is a student and but hangs out at a boutique. That’s where I go to hang out with him. My boyfriend always complained whenever I went there. He was upset thinking I’m in love with my bestie. It wasn’t so though honestly I used to have a crush on my bestie. I ignored my feelings since he had a girlfriend already. We really share a lot. More than I share with my boyfriend.

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Not long ago, I caught my boyfriend cheating on me with a kid. I was so hurt and went to tell my bestie. One thing led to the other and we had sex. I didn’t know he was a virgin. He wasn’t good though so I had to do everything.

The problem here is that, I don’t want him to leave his girlfriend for me. I also don’t want my boyfriend to find out either but my bestie still wants sex.

He says he wants to become perfect for the future. I’m scared to say no since he can do anything because my boyfriend already suspects us. My bestie is 24 years. My boyfriend and I are 20 years and have been in a complicated relationship for 4 years.

I almost forgot, my bestie is beginning to fall in love with me. He’s been telling me how much he admires me. He has always helped me with everything I need more than my boyfriend does. He’s a pastor’s son and I’m a muslim. I’m just confused here


Written by Abena Magis

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  1. Deep down in your heart, girl you know you are conflicting matter by refusing to say enough is enough for this nonsense and you can actually put a stop to this today. Follow those crazy feelings of yours and see how you would be used by your acclaimed bestie. Leave that which you call a bestie and a complicated relationship and work on yourself.

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