I Cheated and Want to Leave But…


Good day. Hope you good. God bless you for your efforts to help society. This could be a long post though.

I’ve been with this guy for 8 years now. We started dating immediately after SHS. I knew we wouldn’t be getting married any time soon but I wasn’t bothered about it. Everything was going on well with us till I cheated 2 years ago (something I regret till date) and he found out last year. When he found out, he asked that we break up which I accepted. Although it was difficult because I love him and felt very bad that I hurt him, I knew he wouldn’t trust or want to be with me again after what happened. He called me 2 days later, we spoke and reconciled. Since then anytime we have a he’ll refer me to what I did which really hurts me.

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Recently I felt he’s been distant and I asked him if he has a problem with me but he said no, he’s OK with me. Off late I had this feeling that he’s seeing another lady but I didn’t know how to ask till he told me that he doesn’t sleep early because he talks with “my rival till midnight”.
Abena right now I don’t know if I should believe that he’s seeing another lady he’s happy with and leave because I know he isn’t happy with me though he says he still loves me and has interest in me. Should I still be with him hoping that we’ll be happy together again and settle down?

Also, I don’t know whether to ask him about our future together or just wait? (We’re both working now so we had started planning on settling down before he found out that I cheated).
Also, I don’t know whether to let him go or not because he recently told me that he’s trying to trust me again but it’s been difficult for him because he thinks I’ll cheat again and this is something I’ve promised never to repeat again?
The insults are welcome but please I need help. Will be waiting.

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Written by Abena Magis

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