I Caught My Wife in Bed with Her Half-Brother


An incident happened recently happened which I’m finding it very hard to forget. I caught my wife in bed with her half-brother and the image is still in my head.

My wife’s half-brother has been instrumental in my wife’s and I stay in Boston. We stayed with him for almost 2 years before we got our own place. What to wear, eat or where to go were all on him and I’m still grateful for what he did for us. One of my problems with him was the drugs he sometimes takes but it’s always in moderation. He has a spinal problem which is why he mostly takes it. Sometimes he tells us not to do drugs because of its effects.

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There was a party he invited my wife and I attend. I really wanted to attend but had to cancel at the last minute. My wife was very disappointed in me when I told her to wait for us to go another time but, her half-brother convinced me to let her join him.

I came home to meet a quiet mood. Both of their phones had been off for over the hour I’d been calling. My door wasn’t locked. Something told me to go to the bedroom and found them having sex. My wife was lying down naked and the half brother was trying to pull her up. His jeans were down and he was humping her. I entered the room watching them as if I was watching a 7D movie.

I couldn’t believe what I was watching. What was happening? Auntie Abena, I walked to the bed and stood there. He turned to see me and immediately got up, said something but I didn’t hear him. I was standing there like a statue when he left. My wife was still lying there saying something but I didn’t hear her. I gave her a slap. She opened her eyes but I could see she was stoned and she fell asleep.

I called my parents back home and told them everything about it. They told me to be calm about it because maybe my wife didn’t know what was going on. Maybe she was high (I told them about how she was looking) because we all know her to be a good girl. I called her big brother who was shocked. That very evening they had a family meeting over it. They called the half-brother but he refused to answer.

My wife woke up the next morning and when I confronted her about it she called me a liar. That she can never do that. She has never slept with her half-brother and will never do so. I called him for hours but he never answered. When she called him, he answered. She confronted him and he said he was sorry and didn’t know what came over him. I then asked her what happened at the party and she said someone gave her a drink that it will give her a rush. She tasted it and remembers dancing with some 2 girls and a guy but doesn’t remember anything else.

I wanted the three of us to come down to solve this but then the Covid-19 reared it’s head. Her half-brother has begged us to forgive him. It’s been hard to so he’s keeping his distance. I know my wife to be the type to get drunk from just a glass of wine but why did she take that drink from a stranger. What if it was poisoned?

I don’t want to blame her for sleeping with her half-brother because it’s not her fault but I can’t get that image from my head. We’ve spoken to my shrink and gotten some help in our marriage but if I don’t get hypnotized to forget this, nothing will work. I haven’t been able to have sex with her because I always see that image in my head. She used to understand but now she’s been complaining. We were both virgins until we got married and I thought I was going to be her first and last when it comes to sex.

I need needed advice please.

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Written by Abena Magis

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