I Can’t Get Over Her Sexual Past.

Please hide my id. Basically, it started with us chatting on fb for a while. Then getting with each other on a night out and straight to hers. Something I very rarely manage. The next morning she told me all these stories about her and other guys she’d had and at the time it wasn’t a big deal because I figured we wern’t gonna go out due to the fact I was moving away next year, so these stories were just funny.

Anyways, in the 1 year she’s been at uni she says she has slept with around 13 different guys including a 3some with 2 guys. Not to mention there were many other guys who just couldnt get it up so she doesnt count them.

Doing some maths I worked it out to be like 1 guy back a week! How I managed to be the one she fell in love with is beyond me. Since it seems there were plenty of other opportunites to have a bf.

So I’m basically struggling to deal with it. I’ve been with her 7 months now, and I’ve brought it up with her so many times. I’ve told her that it disgusts me that she’s had so many. It puts me off before and many other things, but love conquers all. All my insinuations that she was a sket has nearly broken the relationship up before.

The only benefit I can ever get out of it, is that she’s hot for me all the time (I can’t complain, I’ve never been so sexually active!) I guess I wouldn’t be so fussed if I had a good history with getting with women. But I’m not like most guys. What bothers me is that, I wonder if she is like a mega slut or something.

Has anyone heard of many people getting with so many guys at uni? I just don’t really know much about how often girls get laid. I assumed it would be like once a month maximum. How do I get over this mental pain I suffer, that makes me almost hate her?

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