I Called Off My Relationship After Getting Close to Him and His Family.


Good evening and I hope you’re good.

About the mental checks before marriage it’s very necessary oo, not only mental mpo but everything should be included.
Hmm this guy came straight to my mum to tell her that he wants to go out with me.Tho we were the “Hi Hi” kinda friends so I didn’t really know him that much.

Mummy started laughing immediately he went. I asked her why but she refused to tell me her reason. He then asked for my contact and I gladly gave it to him because me naa na my eyes dey in dada????. I didn’t know how my mum got to know we had been talking.

She just called me one day and told me to quit my relationship with the guy. I asked her why and her reply was: “there’s something in that family that I don’t like”, and she added “wɔn mo nnhy3da nyɛ papa saa”. I ignored her and continued with him. Auntie what I saw with my eyes nu, ɛsɛ w’ani!

This guy’s behavior sometimes was so much embarrassing!. He baths in the morning when going to work and won’t bath again till the next day in the evening. He can even go like three days without bathing.

You ask him why and all he says was he’s being economical and that he doesn’t want to waste water because Ghana is hard. I mean who does that? He’s a nice guy too oo.His convos and everything was over the bar. You’ll be mentioning “A” and he’ll be mentioning “9”, kyerɛsɛ basaa like that.

When I started getting closer to him and his people ibi there I understood what mum said,  because he lives in a family house and he’s a twin too; with a sister.

This twin sister of his can be shouting from morning till evening. She won’t even allow tenants to rest one bit. She sweeps in the evening claiming it’s morning already. Not them alone but their elder sister too chaii!????‍♀️, She’ll be walking and talking saaa till daybreak.

When I noticed that it is a hereditary something I convinced him severally to go to church with me but he never did, not even once. It is there that I realized I was at a wrong place. I called off the relationship sharp!

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