I Broke My Wife’s Fine China


I just read some comments on newlyweds and I want to share some of the things that happened after I wedded my lovely wife. I’ll try not to bore you by making it long.

3 Days After Wedding

My wife finally moved in. She brought big containers of food; jollof, abenkwan, okro, fried rice, different stews and didn’t understand that I didn’t want to eat any of them. I just wanted angwamo with pepper and fish. She prepared it for me but I could clearly see she wasn’t happy.

4 Days After Wedding

I was fast asleep when she tapped me. We slept around 10pm the previous night but I woke up to watch a boxing match and went to sleep again. When she woke me up and showed me the food on a tray I told her to put it down and went back to sleep. I woke up an hour later and she was hurt but I apologized and she understood me. I love my sleep, no more breakfast in bed.

2 Weeks after Wedding

She went to town and came back with some expensive china plates set. You know those ones when you’re eating with a fork you’ll be scared the the fork with poke holes in it. Yes, very delicate ones. She served our dinner of Jollof rice with salad and chicken sauce in it. The food was delicious but I’d have preferred eating it from a bowl. Also she didn’t add the kanzo (the deliciousness of Jollof is the kanzo la).

After eating, I told her to go and rest and leave the plates for me to wash. My plan was to go and attack the kanzo in peace but when I reached the kitchen the kanzo had been drowned under water. Hehhh I felt like crying. I think that was why I wasn’t gentle with the plates, oh then KAPRA! The two plates slipped from my hand to the ground. My wife came in running. Though she was much concerned I didn’t hurt myself she was hurt by the plates.

I felt that enough was enough and sat her down that evening. I don’t like fussing over food period and it’s only when I feel for a particular meal that I’ll ask for it and even with that I’ll prefer to cook it myself but she had been told before our wedding to always cook for her husband. Mtchew. I told her, “my love, not in our house. This is a shared responsibility.” Since then she can cook and not get mad when I grab some bread and come home with Kofi brokeman or roasted yam with koobi (I’ve initiated her and she loves it). She doesn’t mind when I cooke and sometimes when I get home early she tells me what to prepare

Since then, she’s been very relaxed. Interestingly, my people keep congratulating her for feeding me with good food. Yes. She no longer touches the kanzo ????????????????

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Written by Abena Magis

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