I Blocked Him For This Reason.


Auntie Abena, I’m the one the guy is complaining about: the lady blocking him after telling him she loves him and all that.

Auntie, I met this guy about two years ago, we had a correct relationship. I was so much in love with him. (even now) I messed up sometimes but this guy will correct me with love and care. Fast forward about sometime later, my beloved started acting strangely. Someone who couldn’t stay a day without talking to me started avoiding me.

I became weak, broken and depressed. I cried myself out anytime I had thoughts of him. I lost about 20kg within 2 months. Then after sometime, he left social media. His line was off, I couldn’t reach him anywhere. I was more than broken herh, hmmm….

As many times as I tried to move on, I couldn’t cos no one has actually loved me like how that guy did. I went into one relationship trying to see if I could use it to get over him but it was in vain. So I let the guy go. (I’m sorry Kofi) After seven months, my boyfriend showed up on social media again and it was one of the best moments in my life. I gathered the vim and texted him to apologize if I’ve done something wrong that’s why he’s behaving as such.

He said there’s nothing and that he can’t continue the relationship again. Eiii, another heart break hmmm, it wasn’t easy. I gathered vim and decided to let him go. Fast forward on my birthday, this February, he texted to wish me, he called in the evening and we talked, I started getting attached again (me gyimie) ?
We started talking, we were cool, we had video calls, interesting conversations, a lot happened that I thought this guy was interested again but he told me no, eii, after everything? (not sex ooo) ?

It got to a time, I asked him why did he break up with me, he hold me it was a female friend of his who came to tell him something about me and he even had it on record ⏺. Eiii, after all the love I showed this guy, he listened to a friend? hmmm, it was hard but I was still in love with him. During those times, when we talk, he calls me names: I’m horrible, I’m this, I’m that eii boi ☹️ Yesterday after church, I called him that I’m around his hood and will like to see him, he told me he’s not well and that if I come we can’t have sex.

I was like, have sex sɛn? We’re not dating, how do we have sex, he said me deɛ, even if I get married, he’ll still sleep with me and that we are meant to enjoy each other. (since we dated, we’ve never had sex) I told him no, I won’t have sex with him, never in his life and he told me even if I don’t allow him, he’ll rape me. (I asked myself how can a guy tell me this?)

So I promised him he’s never going to see me in his life. This morning he texted me and started to give me the usual attitude. I complained and he saw nothing wrong with me and started to call me names again, I asked myself that, “why should I allow a guy treat me like this because I’m in love with him, eii, adɛn?”

I started to question my worth then I told myself this guy was able to unfriend me last month because of nothing, it was so easy for him. So why can’t I also delete him from my life forever? Then I decided to wish him well and blocked him.

Bibi, as I call you, no be say I don’t love you oo, but you make me feel less important and question my worth. I over love you and you take advantage of it, it’s hard for me but I had to. I wish you well in everything you do, May You find love and be loved.

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