I Am Stuck Between My Guardians And My Boyfriend.


Hello Auntie Abena, please good evening.
I have a serious issue that I would like you and your fans to help me through. I’m a girl of twenty years in shs three now. I lost both of my parents at a very young age.
I’ve been struggling to cater for myself since I had nobody to take care of me.

When I entered to shs one, a teacher from the basic school I attended greatly did me a favor by staying with him and his wife. I’m offering Home Economics. And you know how you spend as a Home Economics student. Doing practicals, equipments, text books and a lot. Sometimes when I’m going to school the money they’ll be giving to me will be 100cedis for the term.

So I met a guy in the town here and he’s gainfully employed and extremely rich but not married. He proposed to me and I also accepted it. In fact I can testify that the guy is really helping me paaa.I don’t go to his house, no sex or anything at all. Just last two weeks I don’t know who told my guardians about me dating the guy. They are angry at me and their decision now is to sack me from their house.

But suppose they sack me now, I won’t get any place to stay. And I don’t know what to do now. If i’m to stop dating the guy or whatever. I don’t know.I don’t know. I’m even confused. This very afternoon I even thought of poisoning myself.

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