I Am Not Enjoying My Marriage.


Good evening Aunty Abena. Trust you are doing great. Please there’s an issue I would like you and your fans to help me with.
I am a married lady, but some actions of my husband is making me bitter towards him.

You see, last year on my birthday my husband never bothered to even text me a simple hbd msg talk less of buying me a gift. He just acted like I was a dead being. He said he forgot but even when I reminded him he still didn’t make it up to me. That behavior repeated itself this year too (I’m a March born) It’s heartbreaking. It hurts but he is so cool with that.

We have a child but this same man couldn’t even wish me a happy mother’s day (last year) as if going through pain to give him a son is nothing and I’m sure it’s going to be the same this year too.????These little things in every relationship matters. I keep telling him with every least opportunity but it’s like he has made up his mind to keep hurting me.

Even as he refused to wish or gift me, I still gifted him on father’s day and his birthday and wrote him poems on all of these days. It’s making me believe he doesn’t love or cherish me. This is a guy that never even post me or my son but can post different people. Even on our 1st anniversary he did nothing yet I gave him a gift and again wrote him a poem.

It’s just making me not want to have anything to do with him anymore cuz we are almost 2yrs old and things shouldn’t get this sour in the beginning. I don’t earn much, but I always make sure I support him financially each time he needs me. I buy him random gifts too…..

Because of such behavior he asked me for money just 3 days ago, I had money but I refused to give him and that’s how I want our lives to continue if he doesn’t change. I won’t ever help him with anything again for that I promise. (I hope I have made a good decision) He’s making me bitter everyday and I don’t want to be that way. I am always the one he comes to when he needs help yet he can’t make me his priority????

I just want your fans to be sincere with me if I am over reacting or not. I want to be happy without him. How do I do that? cuz seeing him annoys me the most. This is really worrying me.

It’s not like he’s old or something ooo, just 29yrs old. A social media person, he loves to post and do other stuff, post and wish other people hbds n stuff yet it’s just me he doesn’t do that for.

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