I am Married To A Narcissist.


Hello Aunty Abena, thank you for your kind heart in helping the depressed and lonely.
I found out last week that my husband is a narcissist.( narcissistic personality disorder )

I have been neglected and unloved for 3 years in marriage .My mom will say his behavior is a spiritual thing that the witches in our house are using against me. I have prayed and been to pastors for prayers so he can see me as a wife or change for the better. The emotional torture is too much for me. I have said to myself I am not going to cry in this marriage again.

He shows no empathy towards me, he’s stingy; though he has a well paying job. He’s self centered, even if I am sick and can’t move or I am crying because of his behavior towards me, this man will be there with his phone watching funny videos and laughing. This at times makes me feel like I married a “beast”.

I always apologize for the things I didn’t do. He will not accept his mistakes. I am always at fault. I have this severe headache right now as I type. I’m lonely and depressed. I don’t want my mom to know about my husband’s disorder.
I think his family is aware of his disorder. Because when I complain to my sis-in-laws, they say that’s how marriage is. So I shouldn’t expect anything from my husband instead I should pray for him.

Please has anyone stayed with a narcissistic husband? And how to deal with it. Thank you.

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