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I Am Fed Up With My Husband’s Attitude.


Hello Abena,
I have been looking forward to send my story about husband’s who complain about their wives abusing them.
I have been married for 7 years and known my husband for the past 12 years.
The 5 years prior to marriage was a great one because he was everything I prayed for in a man except that he only had his vision of making it but had nothing else to his name.

Because he was the pushful patient type, I decided to help fund a lot of things he was doing but it always ended up a failure or stories of how he was a victim in business always came up. It was tiring but I didn’t give up on him and deck to give him all the support.

Following, we got married 4 years into the relationship and he still had nothing to his name but a few months into the marriage, I realized I was the only one carrying every burden. All my husband did was stay home and browse or make calls and gossip all day on his phone. He will not lift a hand to do anything let alone kept himself clean. I would come back from work and cook for him to eat.
I started complaining about his attitude and the fact that I didn’t know I married a very lazy man.

He hit me 4 times on those occasions and I was ready to get him locked up for good if he tried it again so he stopped.
Fast forward, he got a job that paid him so much money but I never had the chance to see the money. He never had money on him and anytime I asked we plan our lives financially, he would call me names and storm out angrily. He lost that job and I was tired of being cheated so I resigned from my job so we suffer together.
I couldn’t pay the rent so we moved to a single room.

Now he would rather hide from the daily challenges so would go sit under trees and chat with boys younger than him all day and come back home. He was acting like a teenager and I couldn’t bear it. I started complaining about the fact that he didn’t have a vision for his life and it didn’t change. He would rather spew lies against me. I gave birth to a beautiful daughter and the struggle worsened because I had a very lazy man who couldn’t man up.
I had to do some side jobs from home to help keep the home and later decided to join corporate work again.

Truth is, I have learnt my lessons and wouldn’t want to be cheated again so I make sure he tastes the bitter pills I have tasted over the years. He’s still home with his big visions and not lifting a hand to make them work but I don’t care anymore.
I married a lazy man who feels entitled to everything but wouldn’t be responsible.
The only reason I spend any money in the house is because of my daughter and nothing else. I can’t keep growing an ungrateful monster in my house when I have to be the one footing the bills alone and still be taking good care of him.
It’s too much work for me so we’re living like strangers and he calls it abuse and I don’t care at all because I am fed up.

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