I Also Deserve to Be Loved


Post for me as soon as possible before I do something bad to myself. Auntie I’m a pretty girl with a very good figure but I really do not know what is wrong with me????

I’m typing with tears as I have not been myself for some days now. I’m 23 years and done with my B.Sc. but in all my life no guy has ever loved me. Last year, I talked to myself and brought my standard down to date one very short guy that’s disturbing me, thinking I’ll find true love in him but auntie this boy still dumped me like a piece of trash. I even tried pushing but he still he left me.

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Thinking I was the problem because I’ve had lots of heartbreak and never felt loved, I decided to change. Ordinarily I’m not weird or a talkative but I felt guys don’t like women like that, and changed from being a good girl to a weird one. I met another guy and told him I smoke. I made him believe I’m a very bad girl, and even allowed him to have sex with me. Even made him think I love sex a lot but yet he still left me auntie????????

The worst is that these guys don’t even say it’s over. They just snub and ignore me even when I try to reach out. Sometimes I pretend not to care but it doesn’t stop them from leaving. See my younger sisters are all into serious relationship and guys are even still coming for them. I’m ashamed of myself auntie.

I’ve never felt loved before, no guy have ever surprised me with a gift or anything, I’ve never been on any guy’s timeline???????????? I’m tired and also deserve to be loved too aunty. See, my younger sister even got a Val dress yesterday. I was advising her concerning her relationships and my other sister jokingly told me that I don’t have a boyfriend and I’m here advising someone about relationship. I felt so embarrassed auntie.

Is there anything wrong with me? Or is there something I’m not doing right. I’m not searching for a husband but I also deserve to love and be loved????????????????
I’m lonely auntie????????????????

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Written by Abena Magis

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