I Admit I Was Stupid to Trust My Bestie


When you hear the word stupidity you can associate me with it. I have been the most stupidest person on earth. This bestie thing no oo Auntie Abena… It can kill ooo… The good ones are there but the bad ones are also there.

You see my best friend of 4 years, I trusted this guy with my whole being. I could defend him anywhere and against whatever anyone would tell me. I admit that I knew very little of this guy but he knew everything about me.

Earlier this year, I lied to my boyfriend and went out with my bestie because I knew how much my guy just hated him. He’d warned me severally to stay away from him but as if it’s juju I didn’t. So after this hangout with my bestie, it was late for me to go home, I stayed at his house.

In the night he approached me and my stupidity allowed him to have his way with me. My stupidity sent me back to his place 3 days later and this time too I allowed it to happen. My guy found out and he broke up with me but upon some elders intervention he forgave me and warned me strictly not to chat with my bestie again. I didn’t hear.

Auntie Abena with my stupidity this time I know it might take years to him to forgive me but I am willing to let that boy go. As it turns out my bestie has been lying to me about his life and his relationship. This was a guy I trusted with my everything ooo. I have to let him go because he is not trustworthy and won’t add any value to my life because of his lies.

Auntie Abena the problem here is I have gotten rid of the guy ooo but my boyfriend, even though we are together, doesn’t want to let it go and it turns into a fight all the time. I’m really regretful and want the guy I once had back. Please let Manofans advice me on what to do because sometimes I really want to go but then I love him also.

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. There’s not a single dose of accountability in you. You cheat on your boyfriend, and you’re calling the guy you cheated with a liar…gosh! If that ‘boyfriend’ of yours knows what’s good for him, he’ll run the hell away from you.

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