How I Claimed My Son


Thanks for the good work you and the mano fans are doing. It’s about this DNA issue. I want to share how I claimed my son.

I dated this lady about 4 years ago. She was like 20 years while I was 27 then. I’m a well known personality in my area (public figure) so I thought it wise to nurture her into the woman I wanted. I asked her what she wanted to do because she told me earlier that she wasn’t interested in furthering her education because she is not brilliant. Her plan was to become a seamstress so I started making plans towards it.

Since I didn’t want to destroy her life, I told her no chopment till she finishes school or learns how to sew. I said that because I didn’t want her to get pregnant along the way.

Things were cool between us until she started requesting for chopment and seducing me. I sat her down to explain my plans for her but it was to no avail. It continued for some time and she left me because I said no bleeping for now.

Fast Forward, I saw her with another dude but this lady wouldn’t stop seducing me. It got to a point that everybody that know us thought I was chopping her but it wasn’t like that. One day this lady told me I’m impotent and a whole lot so I decided to show her what I got. We finally had unprotected chopment. She wanted it to be a normal routine. When I resisted her she kept malice with me because I was not chopping her like she wanted.

Months later I realised she was pregnant. I approached her concerning it but she said it’s not mine. I said, “ok I hear but if you give birth and it is mine, I will claim my child.”

When she gave birth boom, my photocopy appeared. The whole community couldn’t stop talking about it. I approached her in respect of my child and she still insisted the child wasn’t mine. We talked about it several times. She was not ready to say the truth even though it was clear to me the child was mine.

Fast forward, I went to court for paternity tests. It was quite a long battle in court but I was finally granted my request to do DNA. We did it and the proof was I’M THE BIOLOGICAL FATHER OF THE CHILD with 99.9999995% ratio.

By God’s Grace I have claimed my son and now fathering him. Listening to her utterances she still wants to start her things again even after the case has settled. But it is a big no from me. It’s over permanently between us.

Please ladies why are some of you are giving a man’s child to another man? Please you must be careful because some of us will spend as much as we can to claim what is ours. At the end it’s the disgrace that will fall on you and no man would want to be with a woman like that because you can’t be trusted. Small advice.

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Written by Abena Magis

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