How Do I Win My Baby Back?


I have been friends with this guy for two years and it ended up in a relationship last year. He didn’t want to waste time so decided to come and perform the necessary rites and make me his wife but any time he tries coming home, my dad wouldn’t be around

Just recently we heard rumors that my dad was speaking ill of him and his family. He really got angry and decided we end the relationship but I told him not to listen to the rumors. I went to his parents and spoke to them and they understood where the problem was coming from. Later, I went to my dad to confront him but he said he knew nothing about those rumors.

At the initial stages of our relationship, my dad told me he isn’t in support of my marriage with this guy but later told me he is gonna communicate with the other family members to know their view. My guy asked that I give him space, I did so we stopped communicating for a while.
Anytime I try to bring up the issue and tell him to have patience he gets angry more.

The issue started 2 months ago but recently I saw his wedding invitation. I called to confront him and all he said is he wants to prove to people that he is capable of taking care of me when they said he can’t. To cut everything short, now my dad and the family have agreed that we can marry, his wedding invitation is out already

I really love him and can’t just let him go.
What should I do now to win him back.
Will be reading your comments. Thanks

Written by Abena Magis

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