How Do I Stop My Parents From Treating Me Like a Child?


Good day to you and all Mano fans. Please there’s this issue bothering me so much that I would like to share because I have no one to talk to about it.

Well, I’m a young lady of 25 years of age and a midwife. I still live with my parents so I’m not given the due freedom I have to get. I’m not allowed to hangout with friends and live life. I’m not a bad girl though, I’ve been the church and respectful kind of girl since childhood till date.

I’m not a bad girl though, I’ve been the church and respectful kind of girl since childhood till date.

I went to a boarding school in SHS and then to a training college. Even though I wasn’t under my parents abode, I managed to stick to my moral and Godly principles and remained chaste throughout my years in school. I know what is good and bad but I choose to remain in the faith. Sadly, should I go out to buy something and I delay my parents would be calling me severally as if I’m still a kid.


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Recently, I met a friend of mine from Kumasi who has recently moved to my hood. The lady is a makeup artist and she happens to live just behind my house. When my dad got to know she was my friend, he warned me from hanging out with her simply because the landlord of my friend once cheated my dad and is known to be a wicked man in the hood..My dad claims anyone from that landlord’s circle is evil.

Hmmm. Recently, my friend invited me for a free makeup and shoot at her place. I accepted the offer and went there. While at my friend’s place, my dad kept calling and calling asking me to leave the place immediately. Hmmmm this even made the other people around ask me of my age and why my dad was treating me like a kid?

Hmmmm I got home an hour later after the shoot to meet my dad very furious and he almost slapped me. He said a whole lot of abusive words to me and mentioned that my friend is a lesbian and people in hood even know of that. From my dad’s reaction, he thinks I went to the lady’s place to partake in a lesbian act.

Honestly, I’m a lady who holds biblical principles in high esteem and I wouldn’t even think of being a lesbian ever in my life. I’m so worried because the attitude of my parents has even prevented me from being in any relationship with a guy because of the negative meanings my parents would make out of it.

Mind you my parents don’t listen to advise from anyone or any close relative so I have no one to talk to them on my behalf. I’m worried about their actions because I’m not getting any younger and I think this attitude of theirs would push even good and potential partners out of my life.

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Written by Abena Magis

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