How Do I Leave My First Guy For My Second?


Good morning Aunty Abena. I’m a silent reader on your page. I want your fans to advise me on this please. Please keep me anonymous.

I am a lady of 28 years and in a relationship with two guys.
I started going out with the first guy in January 2020. Everything was going on well so he decided to come see my parents. We agreed on no sex before marriage. My mom is in Kumasi and my dad is in Koforidua.

Along the line, he posted my pic on social media.That was when our problems started, his family said my level was too high for him and that they were not going to allow him marry me. We were in our sixth month by then. In that same month I took my guy to see my mom. I informed her earlier so she cooked with her own money and served us well.

When he was leaving, he only gave my mom 50gh. First he said 40gh and I had to fight with him over this.It was after he left that my mom registered her displeasure. It wasn’t about the money tho. I went to visit this guy one day and I realised he was cheating on me. Aunty Abena, I confronted him and he apologized.

My business collapsed and that was when I felt like breaking up with him. For this guy to even give me 20gh is a problem yet he has it. Along the line, I met this my second guy and I accepted him because of the pressure from my mom. This guy told me he has children with different women and that was his past. He wasn’t aware of his actions and he is now bearing the consequences.

So I should accept the kids as mine so we can live together. I’ve been with him for some time now and everything is cool. I have loved him more than the first guy and don’t want to lose him. I know my mom will like him too. But I’m wondering if it’s safe to marry a guy with kids because I know it has some consequences. My second problem is how to break up with this my first guy. He’s an elder of a church.
How do I go about this?

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