How Do I Get Out?


Good evening to your Mano fans. Thanks for the good work you’ve been doing. I met a guy through a mate and the guy too was my mate way back college. Even though he has a son, that didn’t prevent me from being with him.

Along the way I got pregnant and things started getting bad. Sometimes he won’t call me at night and will tell me he was tired. When he is with me too always on his phone placing bet. I complained but still same. When I was 4 months pregnant, we had a conversation and he told me that he wants male children instead of females. I asked him that if we are able to get married and life gets better does it mean he will give all his properties his son? 

This guy said yes. That as for females it’s their mothers that struggle or build a future for them. In fact I was really disturbed knowing very well my unborn baby is a girl and he knows too. I’m in my 8th month but he hasn’t given me money to get my things ready yet. When I ask all he says is things are not moving well with him. It seems I’m his second priority because I got sick and told him.He couldn’t even visit me but a few days later he told me he went for his son because the boy is sick.

Today being a weekend he decided to visit me but later called again that he can’t because his boy has been admitted at hospital. Hmmm I’m having abdominal pain since morning, I can’t bend or even cook something to eat but he left me for his son. Hmmm I’m really hurt. I need advice from you on how to go about this relationship. Thank and sorry for the long post.

Written by Abena Magis

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