How Do I Get My Stingy Uncle To Move?


Hello Sister Abena, God bless you for your numerous posts and lessons learnt.
Please can you post this for me?

Some people can be very stingy oh auntie Abena. I’m not complaining but you help to be helped. Even if the help doesn’t come it’s fine. I have this uncle errh, he doesn’t like to give. The best thing you can get from him is his left over foods and other things he no longer uses. I’m not surprised he keeps losing his girlfriends. I pray this last one stays.

A visit now turned into a permanent stay. Initially he was accommodated elsewhere oh. I don’t blame him, I blame my dad. Just because my dad permitted him to be watching the television in his room, he now went to pack all his belongings to my dad’s room. Making him feel so uncomfortable.

Due to this, my Dad had to give one of the rooms meant for me to him so he could have his privacy. He has been staying with us for the past 8yrs. It’s not as If he’s not working too oh. He loves to brag but nothing he get. Helping to pay utility bills kraa, adane Asɛm. Hoh!

Someone in his 30’s, is he not old enough to rent an apartment for himself? My problem now is I need the room. I have been sleeping in the same room with my mum and 2 siblings. The room is too small for us. I also need some privacy.

Anytime I tell my Dad about it he doesn’t give any assurance. My problem now is how can I tell him to pack out of the room without being disrespectful? My mum is willing to take any action but my Dad???.

Please advice needed. Thank you.

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