How Do I Confess to My Wife?


I really need your advice and that of Mano fans. There is something I want to confess my wife but I fear she will never trust me again or it may collapse our marriage. Please I got married to my lovely wife 3 years ago and I think it’s time I take the bold step to make some confessions to her for forgiveness.

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The problem is, for our three (3) years of marriage, I have cheated on her with 14 different ladies and the worse of it is, I have had sex with two different ladies on our marital bed.

Hmmm! Now I can’t even put on my wedding ring because I feel ashamed of my own self. Please this thing has been haunting me for a long time and I want confess to my wife for forgiveness but I don’t know how to approach this issue with her. Please advise me on what to do because I really LOVE her.

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. Please keep to your self….not even to your best friend…..confess to God and ask for forgiveness from God. If you really love your wife like you are saying….then please amd please keep it to your self

  2. Silence is golden this should be your secrete only you coz the weight the message carries will definitely collapse ur marriage but desist from ur past and pray to Jah for repentance!

  3. Quickly get yourself together and pray for forgiveness never voice this out to any body (human being) stay out of ur past and gather courage ???? put that ring ???? back on ur finger.

  4. there’s no way i will advice you to tell her because she will never trust you again please ask forgiveness from God and don’t repeat it again if you truly love your wife and what attract other women to you just let your wife do same and i believe it will help you good luck

  5. U need to tell her bro…..but never ever give her details of what u did. She might demand for it but save her by not telling her details eg the number of girls, and the marital bed things….u can get a new bed or something but just make sure u don’t give details else u will destroy her forever.

  6. Not 1,not 2,14? And you said you loved her? What have being your reasons anyway. I don’t want to believe you have taken her for granted. Respect the marriage bed please and the sanctity of it. Adultery is a serious sin and one of the things God frowns on. It’s good you’ve realised it,it means your conscience is still working. To clear your conscience,confess and ask for forgiveness and have a true repentance. But know that,trust will be lost,so if she decides to stay,give her time to heal and adore your wife.

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