How Do I Compensate Her?


Aunty I want an advice from your fans. I’m dating a girl who I really love but I went to Takoradi for holidays and I met a girl I know from Facebook. We chatted nicely and she decided to visit me the next day.

So when she came we had unexpected sex which I felt guilty about so I proposed to her because I can’t use her just like that. She accepted me and though I spent just two weeks there, we had sex more that 8 times.

When I got back to my hometown, I decided to tell her the truth that I’m dating and I really love my girl so we should break up. I thought what I did was the right thing because I never want to be a player.

But now anytime I call her names like “hunny, sweetie”  then she will get angry with me and tell me to stop calling her pet names. I don’t know how to compensate her.

Please is there anything I can do to calm her down? I know she’s heart broken but I still care about her and I want her to feel better.

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