How Can He Get Back His Woman?


Good morning. Please I’m Asamoah and I’m having some relationship problems with my partner. She is your friend on Facebook and her name is Adjoa. We have been dating for six years now, she is very good, caring and very beautiful too. We have been facing many problems since we starting dating.Yet, we have been able to overcome them. Her own sister was even against this our relationship and her dad too.

So I tried to talk to her to bring her mum in the relationship and it worked out. We just had an issue and it started like this: I call her one Saturday her line was on “call waiting” she didn’t pick up so she called back in 45mins say it was her mate. I decided to call her on Sunday at the same time; her line was on “call waiting”. She didn’t pick up so she called in the same 45mins saying it was her sister. But at first when I call her, she will picked up and tell me she is talking to someone so she will call me back.

The next issue was she called me and starting saying I don’t go to church, she believes in God and so on. So I wanted to find out her stance on the relationship. In fact, that day my spirit was very down and she hanged up. I decided not call her and for three months she didn’t call and I didn’t also call. The next issue was she called and started saying she called to announce that we are no more. I was so surprised to hear that from her, so I put the phone on speaker and ask her again what she said.

I was then with my mum, so she said it again and my mum heard it so my mum tried to call her back more then five times. She didn’t picke so she called back and told my mum that she is serious about what she said. I told my mum to call her mum and inform her of what her in-law had said. The mother’s phone was off so I went there myself to tell her. At first Adjoa was not putting up anklet to her leg but she is doing it now. The kind of dressing she used to wear, so I showed the pics to her mum thinking she will have some fear but still….

Miss Abena I really love her so much and I want her to come back I have tried everything but I think she is angry of the steps I took. Please if you can help me get my Adjoa back I will be a happy man. Thank you.

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