How Can He Break Free From Her?

Dear Aunt Abena,

Good afternoon Abena , thanks for your good work that you’ve been doing on this noble platform.

Please I want  you and your fans to help my friend on this issue. Is it bad to date your worker at a place while you are the one controlling the place?

Fast forward there’s this particular lady my friend is dating at the workplace. The lady doesn’t respect him at all. Even though they are not married yet but the way things are moving with my friend, is too much.

The guy does everything to the lady and the lady too is someone that gets angry easy without thinking whether its good or  bad. What is annoying my friend is that if the lady spends 2ghc on the guy kura mpo she wll force the guy to give her the 2ghc back.

She is a type of lady that any little misunderstanding pe, then she will go to town till the time that she likes b4 she wll come back. When the guy calls her to settle the issue b/n them she will even insult the guy that he isnot serious.

Her behavior too is uncontrollable. Because of that, the boss of the company is complaining about the lady, they even want to sack the guy of the lady. Pls help my friend 4 me. The way he will go about it. Thank you.

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