His Uncle Raped Me


I’m the lady who was raped by my boyfriend’s uncle. I thought my boyfriend will be with me in this time I need him most. The man is his uncle. My boyfriend was living with him from the time we were dating to just last month when he got his own place.

We’ve dated for 2 years and I was always going there to clean, wash and cook because my boyfriend wasn’t paying rent. Though he was working the pay wasn’t enough.

On the day of the rape, his uncle was inside when I went to clean and prepare the food. He came to ask “where’s your boyfriend?” And I told him my boyfriend was going to take something from a friend. Then he said, “you’re a very nice girl. I always say this.”

I just said thank you. He went in and came back. By then I was in the hall and he asked that I go to his room to pick his phone. I didn’t go. He went and came back without the phone. Then he asked why I am always shy around him. He said that I should feel free because I’m home.

He grabbed me and asked that I kiss him. I am a very shy but respectful person so I smiled and told him I can’t do that. He tried to force me and I told him I’ll shout if he does anything. He got angry and told me if I shout I’ll regret ever coming there because that’s his house and no one will come in to save me

As I begged him, this man threw me on the ground and my head hit the tiles. I didn’t know I was bleeding. He removed his belt and told me to stay there or he’ll beat me. I begged him and he grabbed me hands and slapped me to keep quiet that he won’t keep long. I pushed him but he used his belt to hit my head that he’ll strangle me if I don’t stop it.

I was crying but he held my hands and raped me. Then he told me if I tell my boyfriend he’ll throw him out of the house. He also said he’ll frame me that I threw myself at him. Nobody will believe me because every girl wants him because he’s young and rich.

I went home and told my boyfriend on phone. He didn’t believe me but went to confront the uncle who told him we had sex because I’ve been his girlfriend for 2 weeks. I told my boyfriend we should go and report him because that’s the only way the whole truth will come out.

Can you believe my boyfriend was still doubting me even after the police report? I begged him to listen so I made a conference call and confronted the uncle. He told me on phone that nobody will believe me and I should lower my pride. That was the first time, his nephew will not take care of me like he will do. If I give in to him, he’ll take care of me.

He also aaid that I should forget about the police and he’ll pay me an amount. I pushed him till he finally said yes he raped me because he always liked me but didn’t know what came over him that day.

My boyfriend finally believed me but he keeps telling me it’s difficult for him because when he sees me he remembers. Auntie Abena, I’m the victim here but I keep on saying sorry to him before I can even get a hug. He’s like he can’t touch what his uncle has touched. Because it’s rape he can’t stand it.

I’m tired. I’m still not sleeping well. The counselor told me it’ll take some time but I’m still scared. I don’t know what to do now. My boyfriend is playing the victim but what about me?

I’ve told my family who have called his parents. They’re talking about compensation so that this doesn’t get out otherwise people will talk bad about them. I’m only considering it because even when I read the comments, some of your followers were talking as if I’m a liar and there was no rape.
I leave everything to God.

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. Why should you even go and clean his uncles house in the first place …even if it was his own house he hasn’t married you so why should you perform wife duties…leave him alone why should you rather be apologizing to him for something his uncle did …ei sister … break up with him he never loved you in the first place…seek help from a counselor and move on …don’t take any compensation from his uncle …leave them to God …you would find someone better, and when you do don’t repeat the mistake you did…never perform wife duties till a man has married you

  2. My dear I’m really sorry for the ordeal you went through in the hands of your boyfriend’s uncle. We live in a crazy society where the girl is always blamed for being raped..may God deal with all those who know nothing about that trauma and yet speak of it with such audacity.

    I pray you get healed. It will take lots of time and divine intervention but you will heal. Moving forward, avoid being alone in a closed area with a man you can’t trust. Do not do all the wifey duties of a man who is yet to marry you. Only date when you are ready to marry… if a man wants to date you for two or three years before marrying you then tell him to wait and come when the time is near. Finally, if your boyfriend of two years, first doubted your innocence and is now playing the victim after he heard the truth…then you must wise up and end this relationship for your own good and your sanity sake. If I were you, I will erase everything that reminds me of him, his uncle and his entire family.

    Wish you a speedy recovery sweetie. Lots of hugs.

  3. ei asem o, sorry sis, it is well. But if it was to be me, i wud forgive him alrite but wil deal with him in prayer, herrr the way he wil regret, only God knows. Many pple thinks God doesn’t fight for his children. He will regret it ruff, aba bullshit b3n nono

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