His Sister Has Turned Him Against Me.


Aunty Abena, pls I have been with a guy for the past 10years. I have been the one taking care of him even though he is working. (NABCO) I’m not the demanding type and I never ask him for anything.
Abena this guy has never bought me anything on my birthday but I don’t complain.

When he is being paid, he lavishes it on his sis who is married with kids and other ladies. He compares my food and dress I wear to his sis saying I don’t hve good taste like his sis. Aunty Abena this guy tells his sis evething I do and tell him which I feel uncomfortable. Excuse me but he tells his sis eveything including me purging. His sis calls me telling me I don’t call her and check up on her which I sometimes do.

This guy told his sis that I said he tells her everything and his sis told him to break up with me. Aunty he is my first love and I have spent a lot and time wasted on him and now he said he sis said the marriage won’t come on.

Aunty Abena am really down.please keep me anonymous.Thank u.

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