His Sister Behaves like His Girlfriend


Please post this for me for my brothers and sisters here to help me out. It’s about the way my hubby’s sister is behaving as if she’s his girlfriend.

I went to my mum’s place to deliver. Whiles there, my hubby called to tell me his sister from Kwahu was coming to stay with him for a while. She’d applied for a job in Tema and they’d called her to start work. They were going to provide accommodation but she needed a place to stay in and start work before given her keys. Well, if my sister in law needed our help for a temporary stay, who was I to say no?

When my baby was 3 months, I went to visit my hubby and the girl was still there! She’s a Krobo whiles hubby is a Kwahu. How can they be siblings? I kept it to myself but the way she behaved really made me wonder more

This girl will get mad wen my hubby goes to work and doesn’t call and talk to her. She will talk to him in a disrespectful in my presence when he comes.

There was this we were conversing when she chipped in that she moved from Community 2, Tema to live with my hubby, but this same man told me she came frm their home town. She says they are from one mother, different fathers but my hubby told me she is his cousin.

Auntie Abena, my husband and I can’t go out without her not being with us. He makes time for her more than me. I went back to my mum’s place and told him to let the girl leave or he will never see me again, he agreed.

I came back to see all of her things here including her perming cream but she herself is not here. Her workplace is not far from our house. i asked my hubby about it and he said she will come for the things later. He told me the perming cream isn’t hers but he later took it to her.

Just yesterday, she called around 11pm. My hubby didn’t want to talk because I was here. He instead texted her and later deleted the msg. The girl calls me sis though and my hubby has also stored her name little sis but whenever they are talking, it sounds like they are dating. I think there is more to it.

Auntie Abena, please let my brothers nd sister’s here advice me. Should I tell him to take her things to her? I will be going to see my mum soon, and I feel like she will come and stay the moment i leave. Will I be tagged as someone who nags when I ask him to take her things to her? Please I need help

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Written by Abena Magis

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