His Prophet Says We Can’t Be Together


Good morning to you and Mano fans. Long story short, Nana and I have been friends for over 4 years. We tried to date from the beginning but something happened which made us rather become friends. It’s through this friendship that we developed strong feelings for each other and started dating in February this year. He has been nothing but a good boyfriend. I love how he draws me closer to God and how he loves God’s work.

About some months into the relationship, he told he has given my name to his Prophet to pray and see if we can be together. I wasn’t ok with the decision though but he kept assuring me that it will be positive so I should have faith. I tried to have a positive mind about it even though I wasn’t. He texted me last Thursday that things didn’t work out as we expected na his Prophet says we can’t get married. I was very confused at the moment and asked him what the prophet actually said.

Nana said, “he says he sees you getting married to someone else but not to me.” Now he says he is talking to other pastors to see what they will also say but I can’t stand this. I haven’t been myself ever since he told me this. I know how much he loves his Prophet and will not do anything the man is against. I’m in a dilemma and can’t stop crying. I can’t do anything. I love King soo much that the thought of losing him is killing me. 

How do I cope with this Mano fans? How do I move on and how do I stop crying? Friends will come around and I will act like nothing has happened but will start crying the moment  they leave..Mano fans please help me before I do something bad to myself. Thank you.

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Written by Abena Magis

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