His Mother Gave Me Bad Advice.


Hi Auntie Abena, hope u aa well? Never knew it wud get to ma turn ? please post this for me.

I ve been in this relationship for almost 2yrs nw and currently 27weeks pregnant buh begin, I told ma boyfriends mum abt it and she said I shud abort it cos m immature.(22yrs) That pregnancy stress n anger and we ve been having unhealthy fights.

Tuesday I found out x he cheating on me. I confronted him, he first denied buh later accepted it. I cnt describe hw I was feeling. 2yrs of ma life, a whole me staying wid one man without cheating n loving him genuinely… We had a fight and he abused me n I bit him as well cos I cnt fight him back.

We agreed on separation which his eldest brother was a witness. Dey even agreed to rent me an apartment n pay me allowance. Later on, dis brother of his convinced him to take me to Dovsu/Waju  for wadever reason ion noe.

Jux yesterday (Wednesday), we spent all day at the police station. Cudnt even go for lectures. After a whole drama, the Waju/Dovsu snr commander said I deserve the rented apartment n allowances. His mother  hu wanted me to abort  the ?cald her son n said he shud tell me, “I want to relieve her off the stress of taking care n school because she x immature hence I want us to go for the baby a week after she is born.I ll compensate her”

Auntie  Abena m reli confused and heartbroken as m typing. I dun noe wad to do now cos this family x quite wealthy n popular that am dealing with here.

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