His Girlfriend is Angry With Him Because of GHS15


I have a girlfriend and we have been dating about a year now. I’m a type of guy who doesn’t allow my girlfriend to wash my clothes neither do I let her clean my room or clean my tiles for me. I do all these myself and even wash her clothes whenever I’m washing mine. I was doing washing this morning so I took this my girlfriend’s clothes to wash, as I was doing the washing I saw 15 cedis n her pocket. I took the 15cedis and placed it somewhere.

So when she woke up and found out that I had washed her clothes, she asked me of her 15 cedis. I intentionally said I didn’t see any 15 cedis in her pocket and guess what? This girl told me to find her 15 cedis for her because she didn’t ask me to wash her clothes for her?Meanwhile I gives her 400 cedis a month. A girl that is not doing anything for me
I’m thinking of breaking up with her or any advice from your Mano fans??

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Written by Abena Magis

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