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His Friend Wants to Elope with His Wife


I can now boldly say that ”Nipa yɛ forkin.” (Some people can be full of shit). I thought it only happens in movies until I had my own share of the cake. If you check my FB profile, you could see clearly that I’m married with a very handsome boy just like myself.??

I have a very soft heart to the extent that I don’t say no whenever someone needs my help financially. I can give out my last money just to ease the person’s burden.

The issue now is that, somewhere October last year, I came into contact with this guy who was clearly in need of help. So I rented a single room apartment for him in one of the capital cities where cost of living is something else. I buy clothes for him, and practically feed him every single day. He comes to my house to eat, drink and we go out together as if we are blood brothers. I give him not less than GHS10 everyday so that his pocket won’t be empty whilst I work on getting him start a business.

However for the past 2 months, my wife and I have been having a series of issues. My wife started insulting me and always accusing me of cheating which I knew nothing about. The issue became serious to the extent that we weren’t talking to each other for 3 weeks. And we nearly got separated just this week.

Last night my wife got tired of the whole thing and wanted to get me do the do but I didn’t give to her considering the kind of words she threw at me. Then in an attempt to get my attention, she said she would like to tell me something. And I sat down to listen to her. ?

She started by saying that it’s about our friend. That he is proposing love to her and always harassing her with such words. He even told her that they can run away from me to somewhere that I wouldn’t find them if she loves him because I don’t deserve her. So she wants to tell him in front of me never to step foot anywhere around us. ????

Ma’am I was just shaking. Because it was this same guy that was telling me a day before then that from something that my wife said, she can kill me. And if he wakes up one-day to the news of my death, he won’t be surprised. Because my wife is capable of killing me. Out of fear , I grabbed my wife and gave her some ?? ( for legends). I haven’t slept the whole night. I’m currently finding the best way to handle this ungrateful adult. Because he nearly succeeded with his plans.

It’s a current affair that needs urgent attention . So post it anonymous and let me know when you post it .

Thank you Abena. ???

Written by Abena Magis

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