His Family Prefers His Ex


My story is about how families can create issues due to tribal differences. My guy and I have been in a relationship for sometime. We have a kid together. We aren’t married but he is very responsible and takes very good care of me and the baby. My only problem is his family. They don’t like me because I’m an Ewe and rather prefer his ex girlfriend.

Just recently the girl got married. His family members all attended the wedding and were posting the pictures here and there. His mother was so happy over the girl getting married and gave her her blessings. My guy saw the pictures and was very pissed that his family members are very wicked and have no heart.

I cried and asked myself, is this how deep this woman hates me? She was jubilating that her son’s ex had gone to join another family and blessed her because she loves her so much? Does that mean I won’t be worth such treatment when her son and I get married? Was it necessary for her to go there as the mother of the girl’s ex when the ex himself didn’t attend? I knew that within her she wasn’t happy the girl was marrying another so I see it to be a curse. 

My question is am I safe? God forbid it but should my guy die, what will be my fate in the hands of his family? Any advice because I don’t know what to do.

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Written by Abena Magis

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