His Attitude Towards Me Changed After Travelling Abroad.


Aunty Abena, pls post this on ur page for me..I want advice from u n ur fans. I’m ur great fan and have been taken advice from ur page but something is eating me up.

I feel like my husband is cheating on me and I also feel like looking for attention else where coz I’m not getting de necessary attention as a wife from my husband but I don’t want to break my vows..

Aunty Abenaa, it started like this: we got married three yrs ago. We dated for three and half yrs before getting married. Everything was going on perfectly well. We were like best friends, we crack jokes, go for outings n many more. I saw him as a perfect partner until after marriage he traveled outside de country.

Aunty Abena, everything was going on well. We chat, call n i was feeling he is still around me. But for about a year now, he has totally changed.. No more communication, no long chatting ..all wat we do is “good morning , how are you and de baby ” finished..

When I call and I start to bring a conversation, he will brush me off.. Even in his off days we don’t communicate..but he is always online n wen I try calling him too at times he will be on another call.. It is eating me up and I don’t know what to do..I confronted him n he told me his conversation with me is boring and our relationship is too mature to be talking about unnecessary things.

So our daily routine conversation is how are you and I respond I’m fine..dats all. This wasn’t de way we started.. We were like besties …we didn’t hide anything from each other but now everything has changed.. I’m feeling like someone who doesn’t have a partner..coz I know is only communication that can sustain long distance relationship but it seems mine is failing.I also had a dream and in the dream he has come to Ghana n immediately he saw me he just brought some goods n my upkeep money and went away without a hug koraa.

He told me he is now with someone else so he is leaving.. I prayed when I woke up but many things are running through my mind..I’m over thinking and I don’t know what to do Aunty Abena.

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